The Color Factory: A Kaleidoscope Dream

Just the other day, Case and I visited The Color Factory. He and I love to explore museums, galleries, and exhibits—especially those that are interactive. Hence, The Color Factory being a must for us.


The Color Factory was an absolute escape from reality. We were fully immersed into a vivid world of beautiful hues. Having been dealing with adult life stresses as of late, exploring the Color Factory led me on a wildly luminous journey to a state of relief and pure happiness. For a few hours I was able to feel like a kid again. I felt ecstatic and free as we ventured through all 16 exhibits, each of which were so lively and entertaining in their own way.

We walked through mural filled hallways like with youthful work from various artists. In between the exhibits, colorful snacks were offered such as macaroons, ice cream, and the like.


We bounced from the Balloon Room to the disco.

My favorite part of the museum was the massive ball pit. I had the time of my life! Case and I were lost in there, reliving our youth. Also… we actually lost his GoPro in there, and luckily found it 20 minutes later.

The Color Factory is a MUST!!! No matter the age, you are guarenteed to have a blast. The exhibit is open in New York until May! Thanks for reading!