Blue Hole Travel Diary

Last week, my boyfriend and I took a trip up to the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York to Peekamoose Blue Hole—a swimming hole that runs to a fresh water reservoir that provides clean water to about 90 million people in New York.  Visiting a swimming hole has been on my bucket list for about two years now, so when our friends invited us up I immediately jumped to the opportunity.  

We had a 2 hour and 45 minute drive which actually turned into a 4 hour trek, but it was so worth it nonetheless.  A break from the madness of the city is necessary every once in a while.  We were surrounded by clean crisp air and the serenity of beautiful nature.  We traded in the gritty city streets for dirt trails and tree canopies.    

We set up our camping ground on one of the large rocks along the bank, and procrastinated for a bit as we watched the stream careen into the swimming hole.  We were warned that the water was absolutely freezing, so we had to build up some courage before jumping in.  

Let me just say—it was an exhilarating experience.  An experience that words do no justice for.  My boyfriend and I grabbed hands, inhaled deeply, and lunged from the rocks into the brisk blue waters. As I rose to the surface, I was overwhelmed with emotions—I felt renewed, refreshed, and simply free.  Any tension that I had in my body was instantly washed away.  

The water was so pure and swimming in it was a feeling like no other.  You could see the floor of the bank through the crystal clear ripples.  Ecstatic energy radiated all around us; we befriended the other group that we shared the space with and simply enjoyed being away from our everyday worries and responsibilities.     

Being able to cross things off of your bucket list is an amazing feeling.  We need to make the most of life and see as much of the world as we can.  

As Case and I were heading home, we took in the scenery around us.  While we were driving down the mountain, we both happened to look to the left and see this opening that led to a view of the mountain overlook and sunset on the horizon.  We busted a U turn and jumped out the car on the side of the highway to embrace it all.  

After graduation, I spent a lot of time worrying about what my next steps in life would be.  I stressed about not having a cool job or internship to go to 3 days a week—I stressed about what I would do with all of this free time I had for the months of summer.  

But, that's the beauty of the unknown.  Sometimes life is about just going with the flow.  This past month, I've gotten to experience things I've only dreamed of—this being one of them.  Those were the thoughts that encompassed my mind as I was free falling into the water, washing away all thoughts of negativity and stress.  Even if its just for a day, take a break from your daily routine to clear your mind and experience something you never imagined you'd do.