Virginia Travel Diary

Immediately after my graduation—the following day to be exact—my family and I left New York to visit my brother at his military base in Newport News, Virginia.  He left for the army in January and is soon to be deployed to Alaska in the fall—crazy, I know—so we try to see him as often as possible.  Now, usually with family road trips, I see it as being packed like sardines in a car, waiting impatiently to get to our destination.  But this time, I saw it as an opportunity to document and take in all that was different from what we're used to in New York—we turned a quick visit into a mini getaway.  It was perfect timing, almost like it was a vacation to celebrate all the stress I'd recently endured from a hectic school year—although the real one is happening soon.     

Now that I'm older with a more optimistic and creative mindset, I was able to truly embrace everything this mini vacation had to offer, and I made sure to capture all that I could. I finally put my Canon to good use and snapped away.  

We arrived in Virginia at around 2:00 am on Saturday morning; we slept for a few hours and got a bright and early start.  After scooping my brother from his base, we ventured off to Yorktown Beach, a quaint area a little ways off from historic Jamestown and Williamsburg.  The area was very rich in history, so there was a lot of sightseeing to do.  

After lunch at this cute little spot called Beach Delly, my brothers and I scaled this huge hill to get a bird's eye view of the beach.  It was breathtaking.  


I made sure to get my relaxation on too.  We kicked back for a bit after the beach and I was able to partake in some downtime.  


On Sunday we went to Busch Gardens, but not before hitting up Waffle House first, which is an absolute MUST if you're traveling or visiting the southern states.  

We said goodbye to my brother on the morning of Memorial Day, and spent the rest of the day traveling back home.  However, my parents made sure it was a scenic ride.  Rather than getting caught in MDW traffic, we took a detour and went over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.  It put us a little bit out of our way but it was so worth it.  I snapped away from my car window—practically had my head dangling out—and my parents even pulled over on the side of the expressway to let us take some more photos.  

You don't have to be thousands of miles away at a tropical resort to feel real vacation vibes; you can make the most of any trip as long as you are willing to enjoy the little things.  Any place that is different from your norm is worth exploring; it is so important to see different parts of the world, whether its a flight out of the country or a car ride to a town away from where you live.  Virginia was awesome, and definitely worth experiencing again.