Reworked Vintage Clothing: Why I Love It And Where To Shop

I’ve always been a huge fan of thrifting clothes—who doesn’t love saving money while finding hidden treasures? I have to admit though, lately I haven’t had that same drive to rummage through thrift stores for hours on end. Yet I’ve still been itching for some great vintage pieces to keep in my wardrobe. As I’ve become more dependent on online shopping, I’ve come across some websites and resell pages that offer “reworked vintage” clothing, which is essentially taking old clothing and redesigning it—giving it an entirely new feel.


I am obsessed with this idea for a few reasons:

  1. You’re rocking one of a kind handmade pieces. Everyone wants some originality and uniqueness in their wardrobe—the beauty of reworked vintage is that items are typically “one of one” and something you won’t come across again, making your piece so much more valuable.

  2. You’re shopping ethically. The fashion industry is the 2nd largest detriment to our environment—from fabric waste and water usage to poor working conditions for factory workers and beyond. Thrifting and buying items that are remade from old clothing are small changes that we can make to go green and make fashion a bit more sustainable (all while staying fly).

  3. You’re supporting a small business! Many of the reworked vintage shops that I’ve come across are small startup brands. While I love my go-to stores, I am also an advocate for supporting small businesses!

My boyfriend got me this reworked Ralph Lauren cropped fleece from Depop seller @lesliemtzgomez and i’m in love. It’s got that old school ‘90s vintage feel with a renewed ultra-feminine touch.


I styled this piece with my go-to pair of black cargos from Hyein Seo and my beloved Bred 1s, keeping it simple while allowing the vintage fleece to be the main focus of the look.


Check out some of my favorite online vintage shops for scooping up some dope reworked clothing. Thanks for reading!

Frankie Collective great shop for reworked sportswear brands like Nike and Adidas as well as high end brands like DKNY and Calvin Klein.

ASOS MarketplaceA curated selection of both vintage and reworked vintage shop owners.

DepopOnline resell market with a great selection of both vintage and reworked vintage sellers.

Urban RenewalWhile it’s not a small business, Urban has a great selection of redesigned vintage pieces!