Styling The Satin Shattered Backboards: A Women's Exclusive

You may have heard of the OG Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboards which originally released in 2015—an ode to the unforgettable moment back in 1986 when Michael Jordan shattered a glass backboard while dunking in an Italian exhibition game. Surprisingly for a new colorway, these sneakers were an instant hit. They’re almost impossible to get your hands on now, unless you’re looking to pay upwards of $700.

Enter the Air Jordan Satin Shattered Backboards, a reiterated version of the legendary Shattered Backboards. However this time around, these babies were made exclusively for women. I think that’s truly what I love most about this sneaker—us women of the streetwear world finally have an OG Jordan to call our own, in our sizing, with a dope feminine touch.


Jordan Brand definitely gave this sneaker a more luxurious look with the classic tumbled premium leather as well as plush satin materials for the toe box, heel, and ankle collars. I feel that the use of satin really brings out the original colorway while adding some eye-catching vibrancy. I have so many looks that I plan to create for these sneakers, but here’s a look at the first.


The Satin Shattered Backboards are really taking me out of my comfort zone when it comes to styling, and I absolutely love it. I have NEVER worn orange a day in my life before rocking these kicks, and finding pieces to create looks around them is one of the most fun challenges. For this outfit, I kept it simple with the exception of one standout piece to tie everything together. The Fiorucci bubble vest is the key item in this look, making it super cohesive. It’s bold and really highlights the sneakers without overshadowing them.

The sneaker is so powerful within itself, so styling can be pretty minimal as long as I’m including another pop of orange in the look. Basics like the oversized black turtleneck, and cropped cream colored cargos blended so well.

The Satin Shattered Backboards are truly beautiful. They’re such a grail, and so incredibly fun to style. I’m thankful to have them in my rotation as I plan to create many other looks for them. I was so excited when I finally got my hands on these—it means so much more to me because these released right around when I was on the hunt for the OG Shattered Backboards. Perfect timing. Ladies, if you weren’t able to catch them at retail, these sneakers are definitely worth investing in. Thanks for reading!


Turtleneck: Zara

Vest: Fiorucci

Pants: Ader Error

All photos shot and edited by Casey Smith.