My NYFW SS19 Diary


Whenever NYFW comes around, I always look back on the years when I was just getting in to fashion. I wanted to do everything—attend fashion shows, model in shows, mainly be in every part of the fashion scene. I would throw on what I thought were my best looks, head over to Lincoln Center and try every which way to sneak into the shows. I pretended to be a volunteer, I tried to muster up some sort of press pass, pretended to be a blogger, all of that leading to no avail.

Throughout the following seasons, I got a little closer. I was given the opportunity to volunteer for three different shows as a model dresser. Countless times i’d been directed backstage having been mistaken as one of the models for the shows, while in fact I was the complete opposite. I was pretty bummed, but thankful for the opportunity to be there still. More recently, I was able to attend a few shows to write about through my previous internship. So with each experience, I’ve always felt like I’d been taking a step closer, the fire continually being fueled within me to do and be more.

Fast forward to September 2018. I’m now signed with an agency, so all that I really was expecting was to receive castings and just work my full-time job. Little did I know, I was in for a jam-packed season. Emails for request castings came flowing in, many of them on the same days that I had work. I was running to castings before work and on my lunch breaks—which was incredibly hectic on a 1 hour time frame. As I was leaving a casting that I had pretty much bombed (I stumbled and twisted my ankle while showing my walk), I was booked for my first show ever for Christopher John Rogers. My heart was so filled with happiness—I could care less about any other casting. For me, that one acceptance was an eye opener, because all it takes is for one “yes” out of a million “no’s” to keep you going.


cjr ss19.jpg

On the first night of NYFW, right after the Christopher John Rogers show, I went to KITH’s post presentation with all of my friends from work. It was such a fun time—I loved being able to see the presentation and party afterward!


As I’m at work, I booked a last minute show for The Brooklyn Circus. I received the booking at 11:45 AM and the call time was at 12 PM! I literally meant it when I said last minute—thankfully I was able to leave work to go. It was a presentation at the Brooklyn Public Library, and I was so honored to have been part of it.

Throughout the week, I also started receiving invitations to actually attend some shows. That was a complete shock to me, in fact I thought it was a prank! How could I be getting invited to these shows?! How was I known about? I consider myself a work in progress, so I had no idea that there were eyes on me. I was invited to about 8 shows, but due to my hectic schedule I was only able to attend 3 of them, all of which were absolutely amazing and I was able to document them.


Jonathan Simkhai’s SS19 Presentation was absolutely breathtaking—you can read more about it here.

simkhai 4.JPG


I attended the Just In XX show on a quick hour lunch break at work. It was very street-savvy with a live performance.


For the final day of NYFW, I was invited to attend one last show—C+ Plus Series SS19. At this point, I was exhausted and nearly dragging myself out of the house to go—and I’m so glad I did. I was moved to front row at the show, and I was able to capture some great shots of all the looks and I left feeling so inspired. You can read more about this show here.


I didn’t write this post to brag or gloat—I wrote it to document my progress and more so to inspire others out there who are really trying to break out in the industry. I’m no where near where I want to be at, but experiences like these are strong reminders and signs that I’m on the right path. After this season, I’m feeling so energized and pumped for next season and any opportunity in between. For those who feel like trying to get into the fashion scene is like cracking a code, I want you to know that it’s very much attainable. You can do anything you set your mind to. I used to think that I’d never get to attend a show, let alone walk in one. FOUR years have passed before I finally started to make progress and gain these experiences. It’s all about timing and persistence. Keep working hard, build connections and gain experiences! Any opportunity, whether good or bad, is leverage for you to get to the next level. Don’t ever stop chasing your dreams—we live in a world where you can brand yourself and work for yourself. You can create your own opportunities, and I encourage everyone to step outside their comfort zones and really hustle. Thank you so much for reading—I hope this has inspired you to get out there and make things happen!

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