Meet AndAgain: The Brand Thats Revolutionizing Sustainable Fashion

For those who may not know, the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, second only to oil. From the pesticides used in cotton farming, the toxic dyes used during manufacturing, the immense amounts of waste created from discarded clothing and so on, the fashion industry's carbon footprint is almost too large to pinpoint. It takes over 5,000 GALLONS of water to produce just one cotton t-shirt or a pair of jeans. Let that sink in.

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Sustainable fashion brands like AndAgain are exactly what our industry needs to shift the paradigm and bring awareness to dangers that the industry has on our environmentAndAgain creates bold clothing from recycled and forgotten materials, which cuts down on water consumption and fabric sourcing waste to create eco-friendly garments. Through intricate yet contemporary designs, this brand is bridging the gap between fashion, art, and sustainability. All of their pieces are hand-made and produced right outside of Philadelphia.  I've fallen in love with this brand, and after receiving this beautifully crafted black denim bomber jacket, I couldn't wait to style it.  

There are so many aspects about this jacket that I love, one being that it's a denim bomber--a super fun take on your typical denim jacket. It's structured but with just enough of a loose fit feel for movement--which is perfect being that I sometimes like to have my jackets slouch off the shoulder. What I do love the most though is the jean pants pocket on the sleeve; it's really a unique component that brings functionality and utility to the piece. 

What's most important about this jacket is that it's completely made of 100% repurposed denim. This individual piece saves over 2,000 gallons of water from going to waste--isn't that amazing? 

For this look, I paired the jacket with a simple black bodysuit, flared culottes, and my Riccardo Tisci AF1s--a play on boxy and free-flowing proportions. 

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Whether its thrifting, donating old clothes rather than throwing them away, or supporting upcoming sustainable brands, there are many small changes that we can make that will have a much larger positive impact on our environment. AndAgain creates beautiful garments that are on-trend yet so incredibly unique--head over to their online store to learn more about their initiatives and check out their pieces! 


AndAgain Black Denim Bomber Jacket shop here 

All photos shot and edited by Casey Smith