4 Essential Items To Boost Your Summer Wardrobe

After what seemed to be a million years (okay, totz exaggerating), summer is finally here—my favorite and most highly anticipated season.  Along with hitting the beach, relaxing pool side and adventuring around the city, one of the things I look forward to the most is switching to my summer threads and refreshing my wardrobe.

 In order to make the most of my closet, each year I'll try to dabble in a trend while remaining true to my style with some timeless pieces; in the past I've found that when I focused too much on buying what was "in" it resulted in me trashing my entire wardrobe the following summer once the items faded to fads.  Can anyone else relate?  My solution has been to stock up on basics and items with simple silhouettes that can be easily enhanced through color and design detail to up the outfit.  

This look that I through together is a combination of four wardrobe staples that can be mixed and matched and reworked to create various looks for the summer.  Seeing as though these items seem to be reoccurring styles, it's safe to say that they'll be long lasting purchases for seasons to come.  

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Halter tops have always managed to stay in style. I remember wearing these when I was younger. I tend to keep one or two variations of this top in my closet each year.  The halter cut accentuates your shoulders; the cropped fit and open back detailing creates a cute alternative to your basic tank top. 


One of my favorite pant styles—the culotte pant.  It's just something about the wide leg silhouette that I feel complements all body types.  Culottes are an all year round style, but a pair with some  frayed detailing can add a light and summery feel to your look.  


An absolute summer accessory staple!  Espadrilles have remained prominent throughout each summer season.  The woven jute material in the shoe's platform is a signature summer fabric. They're super cozy, versatile and create a very laid-back look.  I bought my Chanel espadrilles from Bergdorf's a few years back—such a classic item that I'm sure I'll keep forever.  


Totally stole this bag from my mom's closet. The wicker bag is a major summer trend right now; its suitable for a variety of outfits.  The woven material of the bag is light and airy, and paired really well with my espadrilles.  When it comes to accessorizing for the summer, the material of the item plays a huge part in creating your look.  

When trying to form the perfect balance for your summer wardrobe, try to shop for items that you feel will have longevity in your closet.  If you can't see yourself wearing it in a few years or even in a few months, leave it on the rack.  Make the most of your clothes (and money) by indulging in a few trendy pieces while staying true to your style aesthetic.   

Halter: Vintage

Culottes: Zara. See similar here

Espadrilles: Chanel Espadrilles from Bergdorf Goodman. See similar here.

Purse: Kate Spade. See similar here.  

All photos shot and edited by Casey Smith.