Reworking Authentic Streetwear

The idea of history repeating itself is incredibly relevant in fashion with the constant reworking of trends and styles.  Streetwear is currently undergoing a resurge in popular '90s brands and sportswear silhouettes—yep, the threads that our parents used to dress us in as babies are back with a vengeance. The resurrection of bold logo placement and vintages colors, along with updated interpretations of classic footwear are all on the rise.  

For this look, I stole my boyfriend's Stussy coach jacket—a streetwear staple with its roots in '90s fashion. I've been super attracted to the vibrant yellow color trend that's evolving.

Street fashion and the Normcore movement go hand in hand; both can be gender neutral in nature. Distressed denim adds a feminine element to my look.  Layering is a key styling element in gender neutral styling as it enables you to add your own unique twist to basic pieces.  

The classic Air Force 1 is continuously being remastered with countless design updates and collaborations.  The Riccardo Tisci x AF1 collaboration is one of my favorites.  I paired these with the jacket to help bring out the minor yellow detailing in the sneakers.

 This was a super cool outfit for me to throw together as it enabled me to step out of my usual comfort zone of muted and neutral tones to embrace vibrant hues that create an impactful appearance. 

Street fashion—it's about awareness of style and exerting confidence.  Whether its influenced through the reemergence of past trends or cultivated from a new movement, there is always something unique to see.  It allows us to remain true to self through the ways in which we dress. What stories do you tell through your style?

All photos shot and edited by Casey Smith.  

Jacket: Stussy

Turtleneck: H&M

Jeans: Asos

Sneakers: Riccardo Tisci Air Force 1 collaboration with Nike