A Model Transcends?  "Transcends"?  Some of you (if not all) may be wondering what this is all about.

Have you ever fallen so deeply in love with a word because of how relatable it is to you?  No?  Okay.... that might just be the geek in me.  Anyway, here's a quick breakdown: 

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  1. To rise above or go beyond the range of limits.

  2. To exceed in excellence.

About two years ago, I had my first try at starting a blog.  I thought I was as ready as I'd ever be, so eager to document the world of fashion.  To my surprise, I ended up deleting the blog after one month.  I gave up on one of my interests because of a lack of confidence. However, if you're passionate enough about something, the flame never dies.  Realizing how deep my love is for fashion, modeling, writing, and photography, I decided to go beyond my doubts and give blogging another chance at life. 

Often time, we unknowingly hinder ourselves from opportunities due to our fears.  The act of transcending is so powerful; it's about growth and breaking through your barriers.

I created this blog to push myself out of my comfort zone, and hopefully inspire others to do the same.  If you want something, go after it.  If you have passions aside from the bigger picture, don't hesitate to act on them. Go beyond your limits.

 I'll be documenting fashion, personal style,  beauty, and experiences by creating stories through compelling imagery and content.  I want to learn and be inspired by others.  I'm not here to tell you to go out and buy a turtleneck in every color because its "so super in right now".  There's so much more meaning behind trends and how we identify ourselves.  Let's go beyond the surface.  

My outfit is composed of loose, flowing silhouettes for a sensual feel.  I love how this simple top was updated with statement sleeve detailing.  I styled myself in all white; monochrome looks create a powerful appearance.  The color white signifies new beginnings, awakening growth and creativity.  It's a blank canvas--bold and refreshing.  

Also, spring has arrived and I'm totally trying to break out of  habitually wearing the color black.

 Top and Pants: Zara

Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith

All photos shot and edited by Casey Smith.